As a TEDx Universities event, TEDxUCT was created to cultivate a culture of idea-sharing across faculties, and to inspire great ideas at all levels of university membership - ideas that will respond to the needs of the world in more creative ways than ever before.

The 2012 Event

The very first TEDxUCT was organised under the the theme of Amandla Means Power in an attempt to re-imagine and redefine a word that is synonymous with South Africa’s anti-Apartheid legacy.

“Amandla Awethu” translates into “Power to us” or “Power to the people.” It was, and still is, used as a rallying cry- as a cry for democratic freedom in South Africa. On 17 November 2012, 15 speakers shared their stories, each reinforcing the idea that today, over eighteen years after democracy, Amandla Awethu calls for Empowerment to the People, by the People and with the People.

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What would creativity be without destruction?
What would medicine be without gambling?
With this theme we will be reminding ourselves of Humanity’s genius - the evil and the awesome - by re-imagining the world without the things we now consider constants of modern-day life.